bike shop Branding Your business deserves an instantly-recognizable
image that “brands” itself into your customers’ minds.
dental office How do you
want to be seen?
Your brand STANDS for something.
Show it off with expert branding from Connex Strategy.
doctor and staff Perception is everything
What’s the difference between big brands and no-names? Branding.

In simple terms, branding is the personality of your brand distilled down into recognizable colors, logos, images, and even language. You know an Apple ad is an Apple ad instantly, even without seeing the text or logo. That’s because of branding. We can do the same for your business. 

Put simply – Comprehensive, well-designed branding makes your business look more professional. When your potential customers and your industry see that you’ve invested the time and energy into creating strong branding for your company, they know your business means business. 

When you have an instantly recognizable color palette, logo, symbol, or aesthetic, everything it’s on suddenly becomes an advertisement for your company – no ad budget needed. Because simply seeing that image will immediately bring your name into your customers’ minds, so it’s right there waiting when they decide to make a purchase or refer a friend. 

Website Design

Our Services

Custom Graphic Design

Your business is your pride and joy, and it deserves a lot better than clip art and crappy graphics! Our virtuoso designers will create custom graphics specifically built for your business. From your logo to landing pages, business cards, your website, printable assets and more, every design we deliver is tailor made for you and you alone.

More Than a Logo

Great branding is so much more than coming up with a new logo that “looks kinda cool.” It’s a comprehensive package of visual assets that can be used everywhere to define and express your company’s personality. That includes a logo, color palette, fonts, custom images, symbols, verbiage, and a lot more.

Finding Your WHY

Our branding process begins with diving deep to understand the WHY behind what you do and WHY people buy your product or service. Because you don’t just sell a product or service. What you’re really selling is hope, aspirations, peace of mind, confidence, or some other intangible asset that everybody strives for. The branding package we’ll produce for you will express that abstract goal subtly but powerfully.

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