Small business SEO helps new customers
find you faster!

SEO tactics for small businesses

Professional SEO opens the faucet on new leads for your small business. When you want a reliable, never-ending stream of new leads that want to buy exactly what you’re selling, SEO makes it happen! 

SEO strategy
SEO tactics

Rank #1 for your specialty

At Connex Strategy, we understand that SEO is one way that small businesses can compete against the “big guys” with million-dollar ad budgets. SEO is the great equalizer! 

With a great website and up-to-date SEO, even the smallest businesses can rank #1, leaving even their biggest competitors in the dust. We use all the most effective SEO tactics to help your site rank high for the keywords you want to be known for.

Drive 10X traffic to your website

The ultimate goal of any marketing effort is to bring customers through your door. Online, your “door” is your website. SEO puts out the welcome mat. 


Done correctly (the way we do it) with powerful keywords, metadata, backlinks and more, SEO can increase traffic to your website 10-fold or more! Even better – SEO results generally improve over time, gaining power and momentum with every click.

drive traffic
search engine marketing

SEM takes you to the top

Search engine marketing, or SEM, is the superpower that lifts your website to the top of the 1st page in Google search results – the most coveted real estate on the internet. Your paid SEM ads will be front and center, capturing attention and clicks for your business. 


Capitalize on your niche

Chances are, there are a lot of companies out there that do what you do. We help you stand out by focusing on unique keywords that not everyone else is using. Using this laser-focused strategy helps you capitalize on whatever makes your business unique – your speciality, service area, or expertise. You deserve to get noticed for what you do best! 

seo keywords
seo keywords

ROI you can see in black and white

Other forms of advertising like billboards and newspaper ads leave you guessing. Are they really working? Are they worth the money? With SEO, you’ll be able to see in black and white exactly what you’re getting for your SEO investment. 


We’ll provide you with a report every month that shows exactly how well your SEO strategies are working – in visits to your website, links clicked, and leads captured. Who said math couldn’t be fun? 

SEO content creation

SEO starts with your website – making sure the right keywords are in the right places on every page. But it’s not a “set it and forget it” kind of deal. Over time, trends change, and people will search for different things in different ways. 

The simplest way to keep up with an ever-changing market is with fresh SEO copywriting. Our seasoned SEO copywriters are happy to create educational, entertaining SEO content that highlights the keywords you want to target. When you add a new service or want to cash in on a new trend in the market, we’ll give you an SEO power boost to help you do it!

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website screenshot

I already have a website, is it too late for SEO?

Absolutely not! Lots of people come to us with a website in hand that they want to supercharge with SEO. We give them the same level of hand-held customer service we give to all of our customers – diving headfirst into their audience, their competitors and what makes their business different from all the rest. With that research in hand, we go into the backend of the website and update the copy, meta tags, headlines and more for powerful SEO results. 

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