Videography In a world of iPhone videos, stand above the rest with professional videography that adds esteem of your brand.


Show off your expertise and personality in a professionally produced interview that you’ll find countless ways to use in your marketing efforts. We’ll use cutting-edge lighting, high-tech camera and sound equipment, and expert directing to showcase your expertise, professionalism, and charisma.



Capture your audience’s attention with a professionally-made commercial. From professional script writing to custom graphics to videography, editing, and more, Connex produces top-tier video commercials for businesses all over the southeast. Use them on TV, social media, your website, and more! 

Drone Videography

Blockbuster action movies always have two things, and we can provide you with one. (Fortunately for us both, it’s not explosions). It’s aerial video –  shot with one of our high-tech drone cameras! 


With our drones, we shoot location shots, action footage of outdoor events, b-roll, landscape and cityscape shots, and more. Want to make your commercial theatre-worthy? Drone videography is the secret formula!

Virtual Tours

Real estate agents, medical offices, spas, hotels and more can see a real benefit from providing virtual tours to clients and prospective customers! Knowing “what to expect” at an appointment or session lessens the anxiety that keeps people from clicking “Book Now.” 


With a professional virtual tour from Connex Strategy, you can give your clients the walkthrough they need to feel comfortable booking with you.

Perfect your “stage presence”

Is there anything more terrifying than being on video? We get it! Our professional videographers have worked with hundreds of business owners who’ve never been on camera before. We know exactly how to calm your jitters, direct takes, and give you pointers so you feel comfortable and confident in front of the lens.

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B-Roll Footage

B-roll footage is more important than you think. This footage is captured outside of typical interviews and hard-topic action to add depth and dimension to your final video product. 


With an outsider’s eye, we’ll bring a fresh perspective to what’s interesting and visually captivating about your business. Captured on film, those elements are great for cutaways and voiceovers that add intrigue and visual appeal to all your video projects. 

B-roll footage

Save yourself from editing hell

Editing video footage into a coherent narrative is one of the seven levels of hell for people who aren’t professional videographers. When you work with Connex Strategy, you’re saved. 


We’ll take all of your footage – location tours, interviews, b-roll, active scenes and more – and splice and dice them into a final video that’s engaging, informative, and shows your business in its best light.